A leading and reliable investment Company engaging in diverse business activities, managing the investments for the Company’s growth and long-term stability with sound return on investment Thailand.

  • To develop the growth and stability of existing business.
  • To enlarge /extend the business that members of the Group are adept and well versed.
  • To administer existing investment while exploring new opportunities offering long-term potential and sound return of investments.
  • To groom new generation of knowledgeable and efficient executives with leadership quality, those who could blend well with the Company’s cultures, uphold integrity. quality and service.
  • To promote and avail the employees the opportunities to continuously develop their knowledges and skills.
  • To persistently instill the Company’s good will
  • To regulate the administration of the Company for efficiency, transparency and comformity with international auditing standards, in order to increase the value and obtain optimum results for the Company, all participants amd stakeholders, ie., employees, shareholders, investors, customers, trade partners, creditors, competitors, communities, societies and the Country.



The Company’s goal is to conduct business by investments in various business with a system of good governance and growth in order to service to maximize the benefits to all stakeholders under the moral of integrity, quality and service.


To invest in the businesses with appropriate returns by taking into account the risks potential accordance with the strategies to meet the situation may change in the future.


Integrity Quality Service