Investment Structure

Investment Structure of the Company and Its Subsidiaries as of 31 December 2022

Group of Business Company’s Name % Investment Equity Method Group of Business Company’s Name % Investment Equity Method
Textile Business Zhejiang Saha-Union Feilun Thread Industries Co.,Ltd. 57.57 Investment Business and others Zhonglian-Union Carpet Co.,Ltd. 21.00
Union Micronclean Co.,Ltd. 51.00 Jiangsu Zhonglian Carpet (Teiling) Co.,Ltd. 35.00
Union Spinning Mills Co.,Ltd. 51.99 Zhuji-Union Real Estate Co.,Ltd. and Subsidiaries 25.00
Union Zip Co.,Ltd. 24.85 Saha-Union International Taipei Ltd. 42.30
Venus Thread Co.,Ltd. 24.90 Union Textile Industries Public Company Limited 75.21
Saha-Union Holding Co.,Ltd. 99.54
Plastic, Rubber and Metal Business Union Pioneer Public Company Limited 52.73 Venus Shoes Co.,Ltd. 99.99
Union Plastic Public Company Limited 49.69 Union Printing Corp.,Ltd. 94.74
Union Zojirushi Co.,Ltd. 51.00 Union Equity Co.,Ltd. 99.79
Union Stainless Steel Products Co.,Ltd. 98.00 Union Shoes Co., td. 98.23
Union Rubber Products Co.,Ltd. 99.99 Union Construction Corp.,Ltd. 99.99
Thai Rubber Enterprise Co.,Ltd. 50.85 Saha-Union Wealth Plus Co.,Ltd. 99.99
Union Nifco Co.,Ltd. 50.00 Union Nakhon Co.,Ltd. 77.49
Union Thai-Nichiban Co.,Ltd. 40.40 Uni-Fibre Co.,Ltd. 62.35
Uni-Agro Co.,Ltd. 44.94
Trading Business Computer Union Co.,Ltd. 99.21 Union Thread Industries Co.,Ltd. 36.89
Computer Union System Co.,Ltd. 99.99 Union Industries Corp.,Ltd. 29.46
Soldev Co.,Ltd. 61.00 Union Garment Co.,Ltd. 99.99
Union Universe Co.,Ltd. 49.87
Energy Business Jiashan-Union Cogeneration Co.,Ltd. 75.96 Union Business Management Co.,Ltd. 37.54
Shaoxing Shangyu Hangzhou-Union Cogeneration Co.,Ltd. 50.00 Union Management and Service Co.,Ltd. 24.87
Yunnan Energy Luliang-Union Cogeneration Co.,Ltd. 50.00 Union Asset Management Co.,Ltd. 24.90
Union Enterprise Holdings Co.,Ltd. 26.85
Hotel Business The Royal Hotel Co.,Ltd. 96.38 Union Capital Holdings Co.,Ltd. 29.46
Union Asset Holdings Co.,Ltd. and Subsidiaries 44.13
Hospital Business Sukhumvit 62 Medical Ltd. 25.89 Union Langsuan Residentce Co.,Ltd. 29.40
Navavej International Public Co.,Ltd. 22.33 Union Pathumwan Co.,Ltd. 35.99
Zipvenus Co.,Ltd. 40.83
Investment Business and others Saha-Union International Ltd. 99.99 Union Wealth Management Co.,Ltd. 29.46
Saha-Union Investment (China) Co.,Ltd. 100.00 Union Lumpini Co.,Ltd. 39.46
Union Energy (Hong Kong) Co.,Ltd. 100.00 PSV Molds Co.,Ltd. 25.00
Shanghai Dasity Co.,Ltd. 100.00 Tencate-Union Protective Fabrics Asia Ltd. 49.35
Taixing Union Zond Chemicals Co.,Ltd. 29.65 Union Button Corp.,Ltd. 10.71
Jiangsu Zhonglian-Union Carpet Co.,Ltd. 35.00 Venus Button Co.,Ltd. 4.98
Jiangsu Zhonglian Carpet (Wuhan) Co.,Ltd. 35.00