Internal Audit


The Board of Directors set up an internal audit department to provide an appropriate and efficient internal control and internal audit systems.


1. The Chief Audit Executive is Mr. Khosit Thepchalerm. (January 1st 2022)

2. The Audit Committee was supervised the incumbent of Chief Audit Executive qualification experience with adequate training for such duty.

3. The appointment, removal, rotation, dismissal and promotion of the Chief Audit Executive shall be made by the management’ suggestion and propose the Audit Committee for consideration and approval.


1. To propose the audit’s plan for the Audit committee’s approval.

2. To perform the internal control’s job has to be overseen and control, thus, ordering the internal audit to perform these duties under the President or the Management’s inspection and control. The Audit Committee was guaranteed the independent of the internal audit officer.

3. To follow and perceive the business risk policy and Company’s controlling risk and report the important risk level to the Audit Committee, including, risks mitigating method.

4. Review, discuss and consider scope of the audit plan with the Audit Committee and Auditor.

5. To submit the audit’s result to the Audit Committee for considering the sufficient of the internal control system.

6. Reporting to the Audit Committee immediately in the following matters:

  • – Corruption and deficiency with significant was inspected during the year.
  • – Difficulties which arise during the audit, which included the scope of work or any obstacles in accessing information that is necessary for the audit.

7. The internal audit shall present a working report in conclusion or suitable matters to the Audit Committee by quarterly period within 30 days.

8. To report an audit’s result which been immediately fixed to the management. Thus, the management could address any corrections or improvements immediately.